Mar 26, 2012


Depending on your eye color, different makeup colors will make your eyes really pop or just look dull. Here’s a quick guide from Girls’ Life about what to do.

If you have green eyes, your best bet is purple. If you have olive or emerald eyes, gold will look great on you too. Try cranberry for a really bold look. Butavoid green!

If you have blue eyes, orange tones will look best on you. You can try orange lipstick if you want to go dramatic. Blues will be harder to pull off, so don’t choose a blue that’s the same color as your eyes.

Brown eyed girls are lucky – pretty much everything looks good on them! Purple looks especially pretty, and if you have lighter eyes, champagne, honey, chocolate, and navy hues look amazing. For a wild look, try out anything, but avoid super dark smoky eyes, because they’ll dampen your color.

Hazel eyes are a little harder, because it depends what tones your eyes have. Figure out if they have green, blue, or brown tones, and then see the guides above. But all hazel-eyed girls look good with pinks and chocolate tones. Glitter’s a great look for when you want to make a statement. But don’t go for blue, because it’ll muddle your eyes.


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