Mar 19, 2012


Jennifer Lawrence’s hair looked stunning for The Hunger Games premiere. But here’s a secret –it’s really easy to copy!

We loved her dress, but what we didn’t see the first time around was her amazing hairstyle.
The bun may look very complicated to do, but it’s actually super easy. Here are the steps straight from the celeb stylist who did her hair:
  • Apply a mousse designed to give you curls to your damp hair. Blow dry it with a round brush.
  • Then, curl 3-inch sections of hair using a 1-inch curling iron. Make sure to use a thermal protector first.
  • You can use a texturizing wax or spray to give your hair more texture if you want.
  • Then, braid two sparkly elasticized headbands into your hair.
  • Pin your braid into a bun, and use hairspray to keep it in place! Don't worry if it's not perfect - Jen's is a little messy too, and it looks great.
You could even skip all the fancy steps and just do the last step. a It’s so easy, and the results are seriously amazing.


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