Apr 4, 2012

Easy Ways To Improve Your Grades

Even if you’re usually the world’s best student, it can be tough to concentrate when the weather is so nice outside….

So here are some tips to stay on top of your game, whether you want to improve your grades or just keep them up.

Take notes, especially in boring classes. Just writing down the most important points will help you remember it better later. And you can use them to study too.

Ask teachers for help if you’re lost. One-on-one study sessions can really help. Plus, teachers love to see you working hard so they might go a little easier on you.

Make friends with smart students - maybe they’ll help you out and tutor you, or maybe you’ll be able to pick up their good habits.
Don’t let yourself procrastinate! This one can be hard, but combat it by putting a big master calendar on your wall or on the fridge – that way you’ll see it, and it’ll be hard to forget what you have to do.

Find a good study space (ideally away from the T.V., your phone, and the computer). Maybe try the local library, or just go to a quiet spot in your house with no distractions.

Review old papers, projects, and tests. That way, you can figure out exactly where you went wrong so you don’t make the same mistakes twice.
If you really need help, get a tutor. Your school might have free tutoring, or you can ask your parents to help find one at your local college. You could ask a friend for help too.
Care about your grades. Even though school can be boring, getting bad grades might mean fewer options later. Plus, with just a little bit of effort you’ll see results.

source: wambie.com

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